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personal/art blog:
FC: 3480-3613-5433
This is my video game blog haha. Used to be my AC blog but I play too many games now.
Humans: Kanna (the mayor), Link, and Rococo
i like to design dresses and stuff like that, so if you have requests or anything just send an ask

i didn’t get the tumblr username memorized but thanks for the shiny buneary! and I hope you like the Jirachi~

; v; I’m really sorry I didn’t reply privately i was using mobile. But um if you see this post please like it or reply cuz you’re a cool bean and I’d like to follow ya!

So like…the guy who was supposed to be the last winner in my giveaway still hasn’t replied to get his Jirachi.

So like…anyone want a Jirachi? First to message gets it.


o…oh… I did something very sad…. yes that’s a crown of sea shells…ILU MORDIN I’M SO SORRY Q A Q;;;;;;;;You’re my alien boyfriend . _ . I don’t care I couldn’t romance you… not even sure where I would start.-COEY![POSTER] !!!!!!____

tnypty, musicislifman, strawberryriple, youmirroredsea, and gameboybunni are the winners of my giveaway. u vu I have sent everyone a message.