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personal/art blog:
FC: 3480-3613-5433
This is my video game blog haha. Used to be my AC blog but I play too many games now.
Humans: Kanna (the mayor), Link, and Rococo
i like to design dresses and stuff like that, so if you have requests or anything just send an ask

Is this from harvest moon???????

Yes this is from Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

just fyi to all the confused people i’ve been seeing reblog this

When someone challenges you to a game they don’t know you’re awesome at
This is my Pokemon giveaway.

I got 200 followers a lil while back and um, I’m gonna give away some pokemon! YEAH

Like or reblog this post, I’ll pick three winners. Following isn’t necessary but always appreciated!

Winners get to choose their prize from these Pokes: Deoxys, Manaphy, Mew, Darkrai, or Jirachi.

The first to respond with their choice will get first pick. After that, the remaining winners can choose between the remaining ones.

Sound okay? I’ll choose the winners on Sunday, April 20th, around 12pm central time.

Artist: The Ink Spots
Track: "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire"

i can tell when someone with a lot of internet street cred reblogs one of the harvest moon screenshots because their notes will skyrocket randomly